Sky Advanced Solutions launched in 2020 with a dedicated mission to help Tribal employers combat the rising costs of healthcare and improve patient care and outcomes.

Through our onsite pharmacy, we work with Tribal employers to access and manage the best available federal wholesale pricing programs to produce Rx savings as high as 50%.

Our fully integrated health center model features an onsite co-located clinic and pharmacy to provide patients with a holistic personalized primary care experience.


Significantly Lower Prescription Drug Costs

We unlock and manage government preferred Rx pricing programs (340B) for both native and non-native W-2 populations of tribal employers to produce plan savings as high as 50% on brand and specialty drugs that today combine for nearly 80% of today’s drug spend.


Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

Our fully integrated onsite health center delivers a personalized approach to primary care. A dedicated team of professionals collaborate and advocate on the patient’s behalf to deliver a unique concierge experience that produces better health outcomes.


Maximize Your ROI

We guide you through every step of the process beginning with a no cost financial analysis. The model is funded through a combination of pharmacy savings, reduced medical claims, access to IHS grants/funding, and third-party payor billing.

About Us

Sky Advanced Solutions is a consulting and contract pharmacy organization specifically focused on Tribal Employers.  Our unique set of solutions are designed to help Tribal Employers with large W-2 populations realize significant health plan savings and improve overall quality of care for their employees and dependents.  We’re committed to helping Tribal Employers maximize their ROI as they realize their independent healthcare expansion goals. 

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