Sky Advanced Solutions is a pharmacy consulting organization that specializes in innovative onsite tribal pharmacy solutions. With our assembled team of industry experts in pharmacy, tribal law and administration, and healthcare, we’ve created several affordable onsite pharmacy management solutions that help tribes take full advantage of their federal status and maximize their ROI.


For Tribes operating their own onsite pharmacies today, we offer “enhancement services” that provide the technology, operational, and compliance support needed to manage the 340B and VA Prime Vendor programs. We work with tribes to determine the best way to deliver these services in a flexible and non-disruptive way that enables them to maintain control. Ideal for tribes that currently don’t leverage 340B or that do so with outside contracted pharmacies that are subject to manufacturer lockouts.

For Tribes without their own onsite pharmacy today, we help them establish their own full-service pharmacy, assisting them with strategy, funding, and day-to-day pharmacy management. We also help them access and manage the 340B and VA Prime Vendor programs for both their native and non-native government and enterprise populations to achieve the highest net Rx savings possible in a legally compliant way. Ideal for tribal employers seeking to maximize self-funded plan savings to fund other onsite health initiatives.


Obtain the Lowest Prescription Drug Costs

We unlock and manage the federal 340B and VA Prime Vendor pricing programs for tribal communities and the native and non-native W-2 employees and dependents of tribal government and enterprise employers to produce net savings in excess of 50% on brand and specialty drugs that combine for over 80% of today’s drug spend.



Maximize Your ROI

We guide you through every step of the process, beginning with a complementary no cost financial and needs analysis. We help you achieve the maximum pharmacy savings possible, identify and apply for IHS grants and funding, and create additional revenues with third-party payor billing at your onsite facility.


Affordable Onsite Healthcare

Our onsite pharmacy can connect to an existing clinic, or be provided as part of a full-service health center option. Our turnkey health center model features a personalized approach to patient care where health professionals collaborate and advocate on the patient’s behalf to deliver a unique concierge experience to drive better health outcomes.

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Sky Advanced Solutions is a consulting and contract pharmacy organization specifically focused on Tribal Employers.  Our unique set of solutions are designed to help Tribal Employers with large W-2 populations realize significant health plan savings and improve overall quality of care for their employees and dependents.  We’re committed to helping Tribal Employers maximize their ROI as they realize their independent healthcare expansion goals. 

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