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About Us

Sky Advanced Solutions is a contract pharmacy organization focused on helping Tribal employers deal with the challenges of rising healthcare costs, attraction/retention of employees, and improving patient outcomes.  Our turnkey healthcare solution features an onsite Health Center to provide your employees and dependents with a convenient, more personalized, and comprehensive patient care experience.

We work with you to make the solution affordable in several ways;

Pharmacy solution that unlocks and manages government wholesale pricing for your native and non-native W-2 population.  

Clinic solution that redirects primary care, eliminates waste, and proactively treat patients who are chronically ill to improve health outcomes.

Assist you with accessing available Grants and Funding.

Creates new third party payor billing revenue for eligible patients seen at the clinic.


Executive Leadership

Meet the leadership team at Sky Advanced Solutions.

David Hibler

David Hibler

President & Chief Executive Officer

David Hibler founded Sky Advanced Solutions in 2020, after a highly accomplished employee benefit sales career of over 30 years in several markets across the country.   Over the last 21 years, he developed and led successful group sales teams for MetLife in the Southwest and Western Regions based out of Phoenix, AZ.  In 2019, his many accomplishments were capped with an induction into the MetLife Sales Hall of Fame.  David also actively serves as a managing partner of GIS Benefits’ Product & Executive Benefits companies, out of Chicago, IL.  He has extensive experience and knowledge in working with employer groups of any size, and has developed multiple vertical initiatives, including one designed for Tribal employers.

Camren Simic

 Camren Simic

Director of Operations

Camren Simic joined Sky Advanced Solutions in 2020 as Director of Operations.  She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, and also received her Master’s in health care delivery.  Camren was instrumental in creating Sky Advanced Solutions through her comprehensive research and streamline process to provide integrated solutions for Tribal communities and their employees. Cam enjoys bringing innovative and collaborative solutions to the healthcare industry designed at reducing healthcare costs, and brings a strong passion to improve the patient experience leading to better outcomes.

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