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Our key partners at Sky Advanced Solutions.

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Meet our key partners at Sky Advanced Solutions.

Pharmacy Management

Learn more about Maxor Pharmacy Management.

Maxor Pharmacy Management is a leading provider of outsourced pharmacy management and operations for retail, inpatient/outpatient, and specialty pharmacies with expertise in 340B compliance and operations. We offer a comprehensive management solution including operations management, staffing, information systems, payor contracting and purchasing expertise. Our approach is client centric, acting not as a vendor, but as a partner. Our turnkey pharmacy solutions help leaders realize the clinical and financial benefits of running an on-site pharmacy, without any of the administrative burden. 

Our 30+ years of pharmacy management and 20 years of 340B experience provide you with tailored, proactive, and flexible solutions that can help you reduce costs, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience. We work with you to build your brand with a custom solution that will deliver value day after day through your pharmacy.

As Sky Advanced Solutions’ pharmacy partner, we provide pharmacy management for an integrated health solution built specifically for Tribal communities and their employees. We use our expertise and capabilities to continuously obtain the best federal Rx pricing available, and improve the patient experience as a key member of the patient’s collaborative care team.  We work with SAS to fund, build, staff, and manage your pharmacy.  If you’d like to learn more about Maxor, please click here.


Learn more about Face Rock Enterprises.

Face Rock is a Native Owned Tribal Consulting Firm with over 40 years’ experience in successfully assisting Tribes. We strive to empower Tribes to become more financially independent and self-sufficient while developing a strong health system to improve health outcomes.

Our team is comprised of experts in their fields.  We offer turn-key services to improve your revenue cycle through evaluation and culturally sensitive training programs that have proven success, Revenue Cycle Best Practices, Fee Schedule/Charge Master Assistance, Provider Contract Negotiations, IHS Funding Agreement Negotiations,  813 Designation to see non-Natives, 105 (l) Lease Agreements, Tribal Management Grants, Insurance 101 Training, Denial Management, Claims Billing Solutions, and assistance with Self-Insured plans, fully funded, and Medicare/ACA enrollment of members and employees.  Additionally, we can help establish your Tribal Health Clinic from start to finish.

Face Rock works closely to assist SAS in developing a customized strategic plan to meet the individualized needs of each Tribe to produce financial results and improve health outcomes.

To learn more about Face Rock, please visit our website at

Health Center

Learn more about CareATC.

CareATC, Inc., is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a AAAHC Network Accredited organization started over 20 years ago.  We are a leading innovator in the employer-sponsored healthcare sector providing advanced collaborative care for on-site and shared-site health centers. By leveraging groundbreaking technology and comprehensive data sources for risk stratification, CareATC offers customized healthcare benefit solutions for employers. CareATC’s advanced collaborative care is a comprehensive healthcare solution that drives engagement, improves health outcomes, lowers health care costs, and provides transparency into the total cost of care.

Ideal for any size employer, CareATC offers a network model of barrier-free, members-only access to high-quality medical care designed to treat illness and manage the health of any workforce. 

Patient advocacy is at the center of our model, and as the select health center partner of Sky Advanced Solutions, we integrate our patient care team with SAS’s onsite pharmacy team to provide the patient with a fully integrated collaborative care approach.  For more information about CareATC, please click here.

Legal & Compliance

Learn more about Garfunkel Wild, P.C.

Garfunkel Wild was founded over 40 years ago to attend to the unique business and legal needs of its clients in the healthcare industry and beyond. We have more than 85 attorneys in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida, representing clients across more than a dozen practice areas.

Barbara D. Knothe, Esq., a Partner at Garfunkel Wild, P.C., has specialized in health care law for more than 25 years.  A former critical care registered nurse, Barbara’s clinical background affords her a unique depth of knowledge and experience in healthcare.  At GW, Barbara focuses her health care practice on the federal 340B drug discount program and the complex legal and compliance issues facing 340B providers and pharmacies.  Barbara regularly negotiates and reviews contracts relating to the provision of 340B pharmacy and professional services, and is an authority on 340B program issues, including transactional, operational, and compliance concerns.  

Barbara and her colleagues at GW provide certain key legal services to Sky Advanced Solutions, counseling them concerning complex 340B program legal and compliance and pharmacy licensure issues, and assisting them in structuring business transactions and relationships.  GW’s legal support has helped Sky Advanced Solutions and its partners in the development of their unique, integrated health solution for Tribal communities and their employees. 

For more information about GW, please visit us at

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