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1. How much Rx savings can we expect to generate?

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Savings will vary based on several factors including onsite Rx capture rates and mix of specialty drug spend, but a good estimate is 40-50% net savings off of retail (discounted AWP).

2. Does your pharmacy solution apply to both Native and non-Native W-2 employees?

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Yes. SAS provides guidance to unlock federal Rx (better of 340B and VA PVP) eligibility, and ensure ongoing administration and compliance standards are maintained for both native and non-native W-2 employees.

3. Is there a minimum employer size requirement? 

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Sky’s onsite pharmacy solutions are ideal for tribes and tribal employers with at least a $1 Million annual Rx spend today.  Smaller tribes and tribal employers may benefit as part of a joint venture with other tribal entities in a similar geographic area.

4. Can Tribal Management grants help fund the build out of the health center, and do we need to be a designated 638 Tribe to qualify?

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Tribal Management grants were designed for both new 638 Tribes and establishment of a new health center. These grants assist non-638 designated Tribes in becoming 638 Tribes. Additionally, Tribes can receive up to $600,000 to assist in establishing a Tribal Clinic based on availability.  There is also recurring annual funding available to pay for the building and maintenance from IHS, based on the square footage you build. We offer turn-key solutions and can apply for these for you.

5. If my tribe already has a Tribal health clinic, can we set up a separate one?

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Yes. The Tribal clinic can operate separately or be added to the current IHS agreement.

6. If we open a new Tribal health pharmacy and clinic, will it pull money away from the current IHS clinic?

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You have choices, the new pharmacy and clinic can pull shares or funding away from the current IHS clinic or it can simply serve your employees and/or Tribal members without moving shares or funding. Either way, the clinic will be profitable. It is a question of how profitable you want it to be. You will also receive the recurring annual funding for the building and maintenance. It is all customizable according to your needs.

7. Is Sky Advanced Solutions a benefits broker?

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No. Sky is a tribal pharmacy consulting firm focused on delivering unique onsite solutions that puts patients first, and helps tribal employers capitalize on many of the benefits they have access to for being part of a tribal entity. Sky can work in conjunction with your benefits broker in several areas including modifications to plan designs to promote onsite clinic and pharmacy adoption.

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